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Why Solar Energy Is The Right Choice

It was not so long ago that solar energy generation was a niche market. In fact, in 2010, Gregory Boyce, CEO of Peabody Energy Corp in the U.S. (then the world’s largest private coal company) assured American lawmakers that the future of energy generation was coal and that solar could simply not hope to compete. He was wrong. In 2019 renewable energy generation operations supplied more power to the U.S. grid than coal. Of course, those renewables included both wind and solar – but solar was playing an ever more important role in the generation of power. Domestic and business installation of solar is also growing in leaps and bounds – but a closer look at just why more and more homeowners and companies across the globe (including the UK) are switching to solar might be in order.

The first fact about solar power is that it is a green source of energy with minimal environmental impact. Given that many consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the impact that the use of fossil fuels is having on the planet making use of solar allows them to take an active part in the protection of the natural environment – and combat global warming.

Solar power can enable households to remove themselves from the centralized power supply grid – and therefore reduces the amount of coal and other fossil fuels that are traditionally used in power stations. Not only is the use of these fuels damaging to the environment – but they are a finite resource – the sooner humanity weans itself off them the better. The supply of power from centralized sources means that the electricity supply is volatile – as is the price. As supplies of fossil fuels fluctuate so do prices. By installing solar power the household can protect itself from the financial consequences of this volatility. Another reason to go solar it reduces energy bills. By going off-grid the household becomes energy independent – in some cases eliminating energy bills.

Solar panels can add significantly to the value of a property. They are seen by many buyers as adding value. There is also the fact that solar panels are an investment. They will usually pay for themselves in around 7 years in terms of savings on electricity bills. in fact, in the UK, houses that produce solar power may be able to sell a portion of that power back to electricity producers who run the grid – and that can go some way to financing the installation of solar panels.

Those who use solar power in their homes will be doing their bit for boosting the economy. More and more workers are being employed in the solar power industry. By installing solar power the household is contributing to boosting both the local and national economy.

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Business also is increasingly turning to solar power. it has a number of advantages – many the same as those that are enjoyed by households, albeit on a larger scale. There are the undoubted savings that can directly affect the bottom line of the company – and there is the comfort of knowing that business can continue as usual even when the grid is not able to supply adequate power. But, there are other less tangible business benefits as well. Installing solar power can have a positive effect on employee morale. Research has shown that companies seen to be contributing to sustainability have lower staff turnover rates than those which have not tangibly demonstrated this commitment.

Sales and customer loyalty are also affected by a commitment to solar energy. Communities recognise that companies that are committed to social responsibility are thinking beyond profit – and benefiting the community by increasing their quality of life. This can directly lead to more sales and a definite competitive advantage. Green credentials improve goodwill and directly influence purchasing decisions.

All in all installing solar generation systems like panels, both homeowners and businesses enjoy a variety of benefits. Independence from the grid means that they are not subject to the vagaries of supply (and avoid the disruptions of power outages). They enjoy considerable savings on their monthly bills and are doing their bit to protect Earth’s fragile environment by reducing their carbon footprint (and in the case of business enjoying a distinct competitive advantage). Solar panels in Ireland simply makes sense for both homes and business owners.